C4 Youth

YOUTH GROUP is the junior high and high school group of CAG (Community Assembly of God).  Our vision is to challenge and equip junior high and high school students to become life-long followers of Jesus connected to His church. Our desire is to help students move from where they are to where God wants them to be.
This is how you or your student can be a part:


All of the junior high and high school students at CAG are an important part of this local church so they are invited and encouraged to join the weekend services with the rest of the family. We want to be a “real” and “messy” church where all ages have a genuine place at the family worship table.  Sunday morning services are at 10:30 am.


This is the time for all junior high and high school students at CAG and in our city. We always worship, always study the Bible and always build Godly friendships. But each night carries its own theme, fun and surprises. Time spent in the church gym playing basketball or other games is always included.  The goals for every YOUTH Night are to introduce people to Jesus and to connect people in smaller groups. YOUTH Nights meet every FRIDAY night at 7 p.m.
Everything is About Jesus.
Share Your Life with Friends.
Do Something for Others.